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About Us

AUTILI is proudly produced by Homart Dairy in Australia. Homart Dairy is a subsidiary of Homart Group, established in 1992, with over 24 years of industry expertise in manufacturing skin care, health supplements and dairy products.


Homart Group is well recognised locally and globally with the highest cGMP standards and has received 16 Australian and International awards in the past five years. Homart Group was the exclusive Health Foods Exhibitor at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, representing Australian premium quality health foods.


Homart Dairy & AUTILI

Homart Dairy only selects the finest sources for its AUTILI products and follows stringent cGMP standards in practice, with our passion to deliver 100% satisfaction for every family.

Our Australian GMP Manufacturing Licence (No: MI-2012-LI-04100-3) ensures all products are manufactured in accordance with the Australian Code of GMP.


AUTILI is the brand you can trust as we continuously strive for the highest quality milk formula and milk powder for you and your family.

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