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Australia Post to send more baby formula overseas

Australia Post to send more baby formula overseas


Recently, major media outlets such as Sun Herald, ABC Radio, News Limited, and Singtao overwhelmingly covered Homart and Australia Post joint force offering Retail Bundled Service. The news made headline in both Australia and China. Since 1992, Homart Group has become one of the largest Australian pharmaceutical providers. Homart has won 16 Australian and International awards in the past 5 years.    


Homart Group and Australia Post have confirmed it is working with the maker of AUTILI infant and toddler formulas to offer the product in a Retail Bundled Offer designed for customers wanting to send it to China. The move follows a public outcry over shortages of some brands of baby formula in Australian supermarkets. The Australia Post trial will be at five Melbourne stores: Box Hill Central, Franklin St Melbourne, Box Hill South, East Bundoora, and Janefield Drive Bundoora.

In an effort to assist consumers with accessing Australian made and packaged infant formula and powdered milk, the Australia Post Group is working with Homart Group on a new retail bundled offer to be available in Post Offices, Australia Post said in a statement.

The Retail Bundled Offer saves time and money for consumers. It offers one-stop-shop service, no Chinese ID required, on-line checking and priority custom clearance. Four cans of infant/toddler formula package costs $169/ECI and $149/air mail. Four bags of adult milk powder costs $110/ECI and $89/air mail.


Homart Group phone: 02-9648 2880, website:


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