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Homart’s Brand Autili joins hands with Yushi Trade to Open Chinese Market


China, with its rapid economic growth, attracts world attention.


The growth of China's economy has led to a higher level of demand for healthy nutrition in China, showing the immense market prospect of China's nutrition industry.

In 2017, Autili, a diary and health supplement brand owned by Homart Group, was introduced to China .

Autili has entered into a strategic agreement with Hangzhou Yushi Trade Co., Ltd. (Yushi Trade), authorising the latter to sell its products in the Chinese mainland as its exclusive agency in this region.

Yushi Trade relies on Homart's superior resources including 26 years of experience in manufacturing health products, its class 100,000 cGMP factory, the strong expert team, as well as corporates with outstanding channel teams in China. By taking advantage of the fast development of health industry, Yushi Trade aims to provide Chinese people with pure natural nutrition from Australia!

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